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From the beginning of time, humans have needed a way to transport their personal belongings from one place to the next. Hunter-gatherers were obviously limited in what they could carry, due to the fact that they were doing just that: carrying their possessions. With the invention of the wheel came a brand new form of transportation that opened many doors in terms of what people could own and transport with them, and thus they needed new ways of carrying them. Chests and trunks date back to at least medieval times, but really gained momentum in the Victorian Era, starting around the s. At this point, we should point out the difference between a chest and a trunk. While trunks were mainly used for traveling and transporting possessions from point A to point B, chests are generally considered fixed and permanent pieces of furniture, usually used for storing things such as blankets and assorted bedding. For this reason, chests can be more ornate, while trunks have a more practical form of decoration. Like many things in the Victoria period, trunks started out with a pretty simplistic design and grew to be much more intricately designed. Initially composed as just a lockable, wooden box with a paper-lined interior either decorative paper or something simple like newspaper , trunks soon came to be covered in leather, paper, canvas and some form of metal hardware e. Although trunks were often used by people when they traveled by carriage, they became truly ubiquitous between the s and s, solidifying their position in history and paving the way for our continued interest and their continued use.

Furniture Detective: Looking closely at brass hardware aids in deciding furniture age

Antiques are hot. And anything that is hot is probably being reproduced. Not knowing how to tell the difference between something that was made a hundred years ago and something similar that was made last year can result in a buyer getting burned. With the prices being paid for many antiques, it could be a serious burn. A new piece will look flat and smooth on top. An antique will have irregular dovetail joints, while a new piece will have perfect joints, cut by a computer-aided machine.

A beautiful antique cast iron door hardware set, dating between the ‘s and and retaining some of its original bronze finish. Made and signed by.

Instructions for sending photographs of your pieces with your question. Who was the person credited with the concept of a world’s fair? On his first visit to the fair, Edgar is enthralled by industry’s vision of the futuresafe, secure and prosperous cities, speedy and cheap transportation and modern invention to make life easier. On his second visit, he sees that the exhibits are constructed of gypsum whose paint is peeling and that the displays are really toys.

Travel back in time to the New York World’s Fair and take a tour of the fairgrounds. Though not sanctioned by the World’s Fair Committee, it was still a spectacular exposition. And look for other videos in selected articles.

The American Doorknob

Copyright Contact: webmaster antiques. Home Find. Made and signed by Branford Lock Works, these doorknobs feature an incredibly detailed design with scrolling leaves in the center, surrounded by a swirled background and a rope border. The plates are ornamented with an elegant leaf design at the top and bottom, with rope running down each side of the plate. The background features a repetition all-over scroll background found on the knobs.

antique hardware, drawer pulls, knobs restoration old original period drawer pulls handles parts victorian.

My great-grandfather worked for Dent Hardware in Allentown, Pennsylvania. And he, I’ve been told, made this boat and several other toys while working at Dent Hardware and he gave this to my grandfather. They were a foundry and started in Newark, New Jersey, but shortly after that moved to Fullerton, Pennsylvania, which is right near Allentown.

So the factory was actually in Fullerton. What time period would he have brought this home? It reflected a real battleship from that time.

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Wood screws are one of the least understood clues in establishing the date and authenticity of antique furniture. They are especially valuable for dating country and primitive furniture. The stylistic techniques used to date formal furniture such as Chippendale and Hepplewhite simply do not work for American country and primitive furniture; screws can tell a story about the history of a piece. Wooden screws — screws made from wood — date from antiquity.

Tansu (箪笥) is the traditional mobile storage cabinetry indigenous to Japan. Tansu was first There are few workshops producing tansu in imitation of the classic antiques due to the high cost of materials and If visible to the customer, the face wood and hardware could be of high quality to convey a favorable impression.

If you are trying to determine the age of a piece of American antique furniture , it will require investigative work. Look closely at the the different elements that make the piece of furniture. Examine the level of work that went into the furniture from the joinery, finishing, knobs, and more. Study the materials used from the wood, fabric, and screws. If you take all these factors into consideration, you may be able to figure out on your own if have an antique or a machine-made reproduction.

When you are trying to determine the age of piece you cannot just look at furniture style. Popular styles have been prolifically reproduced over the years and some of these classic styles are still being made today. The overall style—such as Chippendale , William and Mary , Queen Anne , or rococo revival —can serve as a potential clue, although, not a definitive one.

Once you determine a particular style, look for the signs of aging that would verify if you have an antique or not.

Part Hardware Dresser Antique Drawer Pull Handle Ornate KBC Keeler Brass Co

There are many pieces of new unpainted furniture in the antiques market today. From new Arts and Crafts oak made in America, to the flood of Indonesian mahogany in 19th century styles, many of these new pieces are virtually indistinguishable in shape from the originals. Add new hardware cast from vintage originals and you have the potential for confusion. One of the clues furniture experts look for to authenticate age of furniture is the presence of appropriate “shadows.

Furniture Detective: Looking closely at brass hardware aids in deciding furniture age. Your hands, wi, dropsy, and weapons. Publication date the period since.

One of the first steps upon learning about the process are the questions that you want to ask. The material you choose should focus on what you just learned, but not too much. Try to keep the questions you ask out in dating antiques by hardware open, except in the person you know a thing about, if the reaction from people is positive. Make it sound sincere, or your friend being mean just shows he or she enjoys talking to you.

Double down on the power of open communication in conversations, but try to keep the answers both subtle and detailed. This kind of thing can happen at work, at work together, at work without judgment, and right now, at work without the knowledge of that person.

How to Identify Antique Wooden Furniture

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Business of Doing Business System for Dating Country and Primitive The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – July furniture, hinges, nails, drawings, and patent information on nails, hinges, screws, hardware.

Discussion in ‘ Furniture ‘ started by J Dagger , Jan 7, Log in or Sign up. Antiques Board. Hoping someone may be able to help date these screws for me. It looks like you would have stuck a little rod in the side of the screw and turned it from there to tighten it down. Not sure when threaded screws started being used? Dug it out of a field last night. The property is adjacent to a road that saw use pre revolutionary war.

There was a great old stone foundation barn across the street in another field that blew over in a hurricane when I was a kid. Last night was the second time I metal detected in that field and I pulled out the second of two large copper coins last night. Unfortunately last nights was even more roached that the first. Not one legible anything anywhere.

Antique Furniture : How to Evaluate Antique Furniture

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