JKT48 Love, Not Scandal

Post a Comment. For me, the biggest reason why I love 48’s family is simply because I love their music, and I love how they give different image as an idol. They put a lot of hardwork , discipline, and effort from the beginning till now they reach their success. Unlike most of artist that only have their luck and pretty face ups, sorry this group start their career as nothing and now they become something. Yeah, I think it’s a good thing to follow their hardwork to reach our dream. They based on Jakarta, Indonesia. They first introduced to public on 2 November , through an audition held by Yasushi Akimoto, Producer for all of 48’s family. At the beginning, 28 girls passed the first audition, and later called as Team J.

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Reader request. Talk about a developed country. Recent Posts. Sunday, September 22, JKT48 members kicked out for breaking dating prohibition nsfw. Email This BlogThis!

Pin ini ditemukan oleh JKT Temukan (dan simpan!) Viviyona Apriani (JKT48​) Sinka Wallpaper, Quotes, Fictional Characters, Wallpaper Desktop, Dating JKT48 · Yupi My Only Love, Summer Is Coming, Proud Of You, Scandal, Indie.

Nogizaka46 And Keyakizaka46 Characters are based on the groups members with the same name, but the circumstances are all fantasy. Nogizaka46 Scandal. Official Website. They are the first group from the Sakamichi Series, which also includes sister groups Keyakizaka46, Yoshimotozaka46, and Hinatazaka The music video will be included in Nogizaka46’s 18th single “Nigemizu” Type-A , the single will be released on 9 August Variety Show.

Contains sex, violence and multiple uses of the word ‘fuck’. Keyakizaka46 is a Japanese idol girl group produced by Yasushi Akimoto. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I think it has been a long time since the last Makuhari ones. Report: Keyakizaka46 Fukyouwaon National Handshake June 24, Part 1 Yesterday, I went to Keyakizaka46’s national handshake with only four tickets on hand and at the end of the event, I had tickets to be used for the next handshake event. Nogizaka46 Show! Hope you can give their music a listen :D.

Shania JKT48 Profile and Biodata

Perhaps the most shocking thing about AKB48 is that they have somehow survived through so many ups and downs in the music market. This is a group that started out with just seven people in the audience for the first show and now sell out stadiums full of people on a regular basis. And all this in a short span of nearly ten years? I mean, the Milky and Jurina transfers, for instance, could easily have been mentioned since their transfers really affected both them and their fans to an almost unbearable degree.

Watching Jurina fall down and nearly pass out when she was told the news during the Saitama Super Arena Tour was absolutely gut-wrenching to watch.

· Nogizaka46’s Matsumura Sayuri apologizes for her love scandal with a Entri Popular Poster Close Up Pemilihan Member Single ke-6 JKT48 when Nanase was finished working she went on a date with two men.

April 03, The video was taken from behind the couple. Apparently the person filming it used a smartphone camera and was followed the couple for a couple of minutes to document the couple. Stefi is a 3rd generation JKT48 member, currently a member of team J. Chara is known as a prominent fan of Stefi, who made significant contribution to Stefi’s success in sousenkyo SSK. He usually follows Stefi in performances in events, making photographs and fancam videos.

When the news of this video broke out, Martha Graciela Gr…. Posting Komentar. Baca selengkapnya. Andhita Rahma Cahyadi Anin. Maret 03,

Meet the Jakarta Pop Idols Turning Punks Into Diehard J-Pop Fans

Mova has been officially graduated from JKT48 after her statement over on Twitter a few days ago. Demikian pemberitahuan dari kami dan terima kasih atas pengertiannya. Thank you for your understanding. Mova has done a great job as one of the JKT48 pioneer for more than a year.

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Zara JKT48 Umumkan Lulus dari Grup, Ingin Fokus Sekolah dan Film

In October , she auditioned and was chosen as a trainee for the 5th generation of AKB She was promoted to a regular member of Team B in August She placed 27th in the popularity-driven General Election, where she was grouped with the “Under Girls”, the ones who would perform on the first B-side singles.

district), NMB48 (of Osaka’s Namba district) and JKT48 (of Jakarta, Indonesia). AKB 1/48 – a dating simulation game based on the island of Guam The odd love scandal is not unusual for AKB48 members, a few of whom.

The world of J-pop saw the s begin a little early, on Oct. This year, in fact. And between Oct. First, the positive. You name the medium, AKB has conquered it. The group is also one of the better examples of J-pop flexing its soft power muscle in the growing Asian market. The real reason that AKB48 deserves to be remembered as the defining musical act of the s, however, is because the rest of the pop world has largely bent toward its model for music stardom.

A project that was once seen as a global oddity and outdated instead proved to be ahead of everyone, predicting a shift to a fan experience built on a perception of closeness that is now commonplace. That included the chance to watch the members grow from barely functioning performers to something more polished. It was a response to the previous decade of pop, where the closer-to-perfect stylings of Hikaru Utada and Ayumi Hamasaki dominated the cultural landscape.

Those artists were on pedestals, AKB was down the street. Many CD releases were bundled with added goodies like tickets to handshake events or ballots for the Senbatsu election. Supporters looking to back their favorite member bought multiple copies of the same single or album — sometimes abandoning them afterward, as did one fan in Fukuoka who left CDs on a mountain.

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This hotel is a luxury hotel that came from old times at 90’s. Many people know this hotel as ex-Hilton hotel, also because the scandal about the land ownership where the hotel and apartment was built. My survey through online travel agent found the room rate is about 1 million IDR per night for deluxe room. Nearest public transportation is the Transjakarta halte at Polda. Although it seems very strategic, I find the location are little bit problematic for some reasons.

Second, the streets around the hotel are one-way street, that it can be difficult to be accessed when you are not familiar with the route of Bundaran Semanggi and Jalan Sudirman sometimes taxi driver could be confused to accessed it, especially because very few roundabout or U-turn available in this area.

tomomi itano fans ^^ and akb48, jkt48 fans Kasai Tomomi (河西智美?) is a Japanese idol singer. Tomomi is the bass and writer of majority of SCANDAL’s songs. Shoe Size: 6 US edit Birthplace: Japan edit Birth Date: edit.

Several photos have emerged online such as in this thread in Kaskus showing members of girl group JKT48 just having fun on a night out. Well it seems these J-pop wannabes signed away most of their human rights for their shot at fame — including the freedom to date. It all sounds cult-y, but these girls have to uphold their cute-sy innocent images, even at the expense of their normal lives. From a JKT48 fan blog yep, they exist , the 7 Golden Rules state that the girls are prohibited to drink and smoke, go to nightclubs, and wear skimpy outfits, among others.

But one rule caught our attention for being downright cruel: members of the 48 Family are not allowed to have boyfriends. We think the 48 Family is run by fascists. Just look at what happened to one girl from the Japanese chapter of the 48 Family when she was caught dating a boy:. Jeje and the other girls might be subject to similar torture if she wants to stay on with JKT We think they should take this opportunity to grow up and leave the group, which has offended our ears for quite some time.

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Through scandal and stellar sales, AKB48 dominated the past decade in Japan

But for MPC to load the subtitle, please make sure that the subtitle filename and the video filename match. His whole body was in fairly severe pain. I have only watched one Vietnamese drama all the way to the end – “Suddenly Want to Cry” – which was an okay watch, a bit frustrating at times but insightful into Vietnamese society and culture. This is my second fanfic so go easy on me.

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Mova has been officially graduated from JKT48 after her statement over scandal (and most fans still believe she still in a scandal to this date).

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Tomomi from SCANDAL

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Rino Sashihara (指原 莉乃, Sashihara Rino, born November 21, ) is a Japanese singer, and transferred to HKT48, due to her involvement in a dating/​sex scandal. AKB48 · SDN48 · SKE48 · NMB48 · STU48 · JKT48 · BNK48 · MNL

Reader request. Talk about a developed country. Link to the NB article since she’s apparently underage and even though it’s not really graphic I’d rather be on the safe side. At least she don’t post these kind of pics Unless the guy is a douche bag and took it without her permission. Who is she anyway? Nothing on the JKT tag and S

Mova Graduation and Ghaida’s Apology

Indonesia’s biggest J-Pop girl group JKT48 has a weird mass appeal amongst the country’s punks and metal heads. If you were to take some kind of magical music-making supercomputer, feed it albums by the likes of the Germs, Black Flag, and Discharge, and then ask it to construct the polar opposite, something resembling a Japanese idol group would probably come out the other end.

J-Pop is the definition of commercial music. It’s a genre wholly created by corporations with the sole interest of making money through an endlessly diversifiable revenue stream of concerts, album sales, TV licensing deals, and in-person meet-and-greets. Its capacity for turning hits into cash is so great that even licensing deal pros with Vitamin Water deals and headphone companies have to be a bit jealous.

And if you want to see this ethos taken to the extreme, look no further than the school girl supergroup AKB

Stefi is a 3rd generation JKT48 member, currently a member of team J. She was recently sent to Japan to perform for AKB48 for one month as a.

How much do you know about AKB48? Nothing at all? Well, stop here and learn the basics about them! Japan In-Depth. Nov 24 Apr 15 If you follow Japanese pop culture, there’s one name you have most likely heard over and over again: AKB You might be thinking to yourself that they’re just an idol group with way too many cute girls. Well, they’re more.

In Japan, these girls are truly a national symbol for the country, but wait! There’s more! So, what’s the difference? Just who are these idols? Do they just sing and be cute all the time? To any casual person, the 48G might seem to be very overwhelming, and you might be interested but don’t know where to start.

Membahas Skandal JKT48

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